In partnership with the Embassy and the Consulate General of Ireland, the Irish Business Network Brazil hosted a panel to discuss Open banking and Fintechs in Payments at Distrito Fintech in São Paulo on the 26th of November 2019.

Hesus Inoma (Grant Thornton) made a comprehensive presentation on Fintechs, (that can be downloaded here), while representing the Fintech and Payments Association of Ireland (FPAI).
Mellissa Penteado (Bancoin/proScore), a member of AB Fintechs and the CEO/Founder of two Brazilian Fintechs, presented on Open Banking and answered questions from the audience.

The attendees were mainly people in Fintechs and Venture Capital enterprises, including Brazil’s largest banks, such as Safra and Itaú, as well as Consular officials and Trade commissioners from New Zealand, Portugal and Luxembourg making for an enriching networking experience.

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Fintech Associations in Ireland and Brazil
Fintech and Payments Association of Ireland
AB Fintechs

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